From a Field of the Past


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Traveling into the distant past
we sometimes find
our self

Scattered along the path
or in the shadows
moving quietly

we are there remembering

Each step triggers another
and we find this walk
so challenging

Every energy center on high alert
receiving information
and fully alive

How amazing to be so aware
of the diversity of all the forms


We have ever been in our many lifetimes
…Thank You…

cRb 9.28.16




Authentic Self Arise


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In preparing for a show in which we will talk about Authenticity this message was recorded as I drove to Tai Chi class on the previous morning…

Elders Speak – Allayah and Charlie – Heart to Soul Talks
Airing Sunday, 25 September 2016, 2:00 PM ET
Elders Speak Show

How do we describe authenticity?

For me it is my true self, the self when I’m alone self, when there’s nobody else around self, that comes out in the shower, the self that wakes up in the morning, the self that doesn’t always openly express all that it feels, sees or hears, yet knows beyond a doubt what it was never really taught self.
Authenticity is a place, of knowing yourself on a level that is not human.

So that is what authenticity means for me.

We have been taught since our birth to temper, alter, or not say exactly what we feel, because we might offend somebody, or somebody won’t like us or we will cause trouble for ourselves.

A thousand reasons most of which are in violation of our authenticity. Who we are or rather who we were as children is closer to the truth of who we are in authenticity than we have ever been again in our lives.

So as I think about the word authenticity it is about becoming more childlike in many ways but not in the sense of innocence or joyfulness. It is the freedom to think or feel anything we wanted as an individual human, in the sense of we didn’t have any fear of our thoughts.

Fear of our thoughts is perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks of our existence and our authenticity.

To be authentic we have to learn to discern our thoughts, to listen to our thoughts, to ascertain which ones come from an external source and those arising from an internal or other dimensional part of ourselves.

So to be authentic we need to listen… Listening and Authenticity go hand in hand!

Never before have we needed to listen more closely, not to the mind chatter, not to the world outside of us, but to the voice within our heart not our head.

People say, “Well you don’t have a voice in your heart!”, and I tell you that you do. It comes from your heart when you stay out of the head that is floating around with all that information.

It’s like wandering around a library with millions and millions of books, billions and trillions of bits of information, all valid and cohesive to some extent, all related to something but very overwhelming and very impersonal. They are very distant and they are not part of us on some level, there but not here.

So who are we that are in this library of information and is it correct or has it been designed, stored and filtered to represent something which may not be true in some way, shape or manner and how do we discern that.

In order to discern fact or truth the human mind needs something to compare things to.  When we compare truths of different human cultures there are many discrepancies. Each one claiming authenticity and willing to defend it as being reality.

This is what authenticity brings up for me!

Somewhere beyond words and storytelling the truth of us remains unchanged and only through the heart can we access that.

I’m going to share a bit of my near-death experience here.

I had returned with my memory human memory altered and I can say today that I know at the moment I chose to return here I made an agreement to have that done.

Now that sounds totally crazy to people when I say that, yet I know in my heart that is the truth.  In my head it makes no sense nor can I fully explain, but in my heart it is a reality.

When I say things like that to people they want me to defend or explain, some with serious intent others not so kindly. So automatically in years past, I would go into this sort of defensive mode because I would become a little child again who saw a little being in the bushes and somebody would say oh no that’s just your imagination. Perhaps it was in my child’s mind and it was my imagination, but then I didn’t have any concept of either choice.

What I saw and what I felt, was what I saw and what I felt.

It didn’t matter whether it came from my imagination or from a place of reality because the line between the two wasn’t in existence for me.

Eventually a wall had been built through shaming and programming.  The wall being built between what is real and what is not real and based on someone wanting us to do something for them and to comply or be ridiculed or punished.

We train Children to do things perhaps innocently and then perhaps in our own lack of authenticity. They, want to respond like a dog when you train them to do things.

What if we no longer found it acceptable for the dog to give you his paw. What was that all about? No there is no reason why a dog needs to give you its paw other than to exercise the fact that you, on some level in your ego mind can pat yourself on the back and say look what I’ve done. I trained the dog! How good am I?
Many of us as children were also trained in this manner.

Well, let us take a look around the world today. How good are we?
Take a look at how our ego is feeling today. I would guess we’re a little bit upset, I’ll bet feeling a little bit angry. When we’re upset or angry, the first thing we do is we look outside of ourselves and say to someone else it’s your fault , always pointing to something other than ourselves.

So as a direct result of not being authentic we then give our power away through anger and resentment and we also give our sense of responsibility away. When we lose our sense of sovereignty we have given everything away.

When we look out at the world, it is what we were taught, giving it away to the point where our authenticity is no longer validated.

This doesn’t mean we stop giving but we don’t give away until the point of being completely depleted. With the all that is happening in the world right now it can be gone tomorrow and this is a reality.

What else is real is the energy you are.

That spirit energy, that knowingness beyond the teaching, beyond the program, that Authentic Self that challenges everything and can look at all of life from a completely different aspect.

In which case you start to discern who you are authentically, from who you have been told you need to be.

I can promise you, that when you start to become authentic your whole world view will change, your whole personal view on relationships will change, everything you think about, and act upon will change.

I’m going to tell you that it’s not always pleasant, but I will be the highest and most rewarding experience of your present life, getting to know who you are authentically.

I’m going to tell you many times that it’s not going to be what you thought in the beginning.

I had written down some of my thoughts from when I first came back from my death experience and in looking back now many are still the same. They are much less confusing yet still quite fragmented.

Where were those words coming from, who was speaking, is it Angels, Guardians, God?

Who keeps bringing me these messages?

The ultimate truth of that is that it was me all the time.
My Authentic Self which can never be separated again


Tonight I Pray – 9.23.16


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Tonight I pray…

May we all accept our responsibility to protect and preserve our most precious Home – Earth – from destruction

May our grandchildren and future generations forgive us
when they can no longer live here on Earth

May they have memories of how beautiful our Home was
when the rivers flowed and the land was fertile

cRb 9.23.16



Autumnal Equinox 2016


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Today we  arose to greet another day of balanced light and dark here in the northern hemisphere.

The picture above is of the Little River in York, Maine which is a tiny nondescript trickle of water that finds its way to the ocean and is appropriately named.

I accidentally found this River even though I had crossed over it hundreds of times as a result of my wanting to Bless all the rivers that reach the ocean in Maine.

To my back as I take this picture there is a cement spillway that runs under the street and opens to the ocean. The water doesn’t reach the spillway due to a drought which has lasted for the entire summer here in Southwestern Maine.


As you can see in this picture there is no water spilling into the ocean from Little River. Of course the ocean is far less concerned as the tides rise and fall without fail.

So today we are reminded of balance that is beyond our control.

Yes, somehow there is balance even though it may not appear in ways that are as equal as the daylight.
There are many times when the ocean reverses the procedure of flow and comes up over the cement and fills the mouth of the Little River.

I’m reminded that even without my intentional Blessings or without my knowledge of existence we all are part of the whole. We all move in rhythms and cycles which have been established long before our creation and will remain to be forgotten many years from now.

For the moment however, WE can choose to remember how wonderful it is to be a part of it ALL.

Happy Equinox


Tonight I Pray – 9.18.16


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Harvest Moon Rising 9.16.16 York, Maine

Tonight I pray for those who are suffering…
suffering from lack of self love
suffering from guilt or anger
suffering from the actions taken
by those who are acting out
and creating more suffering
May You learn to Love yourself again
You are not worthless
You Are Amazing
You Are Unconditional Love


Morning 1st Glance 9.14.16


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2016_09_13_1504_ o.JPG

Some days we awaken
to the Light of Day
with a sense of heaviness

The world around us
as well as at a distance
seems to have a heavy aura

Day after Day
the information we receive
becomes almost a burden to bear

And we forget the Simple Life
in which there is always change

We can always choose
what is not necessary any longer
and leave it behind

cRb 2016


Liquid Light Morning


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Morning Light upon water is just so amazing…

Let us just for a moment
stop everything we are doing and sit quietly

let us for another moment
imagine planet Earth turning towards the Sun

let us now imagine
that we are a river of reflecting water

We’re much like the picture above and the few short lines which have briefly taken us out of our human routines. It connects us to a much deeper part of who we truly are on an energetic level.

Most of us fill our days and nights with lots of activity and so we are much like a river, which not only ebbs and flows with the tides, but is constantly flowing from its source to becoming unified, with the whole of the ocean.

For most of the time we exist here, we are unconscious to the greater whole of which we are part. Constantly evaporating as the Light Energy of the Sun transmutes us and returns us to enrich all life forms we encounter once again.

Let us just for a moment
remember that We Are Light

let us for another moment
also remember that We Are Water

let us now remember
that there is no separation
between the Water and the Light we are

The Water We Are
contains the Light We Are

and in that Awareness

We Are Liquid Light
One Ocean of Source Energy

cRb 2016











Passionate Man


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Passionate Man…
questioning everything
in order to love deeper
never quietly surrendering
being carried along by a hope
that all may dance in the Light

cRb 9.4.16

Let us all reflect on how the word Passionate resonates within us.

Where and how do we each express this in our daily lives?

If someone were to thank you for being passionate would you be able to see it in yourself.


Josias River Blessing Completed


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Josias River in Ogunquit Maine Blessing  – September  1, 2016

The third River in my Rivers of Maine blessing sequence is the Josias River in Ogunquit Maine. This river is very small but it enters into the Atlantic Ocean at Perkins Cove.

On August 26, 2016 I was guided to go and collect water from the river and bring it home and place it on my crystal grid for the Mt Agamenticus watershed.

Before gathering the water I did the Four Powers Protocol after stating my intention and asking permission of all living forms of the river and the land. The location was at a small park with 2 benches where the river looked not much more than a stream which was flowing over the rocks on its way to the ocean.


I brought the water home and placed it on my Mt Agamenticus Watershed Map and there it was to remain, surrounded by crystals, crystals skulls and a small copper ring originally charged to block electromagnetic fields. In the glass jar with the water that was retrieved I placed New Zealand Pounamu and Mother Water that I received at Hummingbird Ranch when I learned the Four Power Protocol and Maori River Blessing.


The following week (5 days later) I was led to do a counterclockwise walk around the top of Mt Agamenticus two days before the New Moon and guided to do my water blessing ceremony for Mother Water on the day before the New Moon, being it was the first New Moon of the new Eclipse cycle with a Solar Eclipse over Africa. Here I am guided to do the Blessing on the next day (9.1.16) at High Tide.

In the morning as I prepare to go to the River I am guided to dowse for a Crystal Skull to bring with me to leave as an offering and return of the Crystalline Energy to Mother Gaia.


It is one that was a gift to me long ago by a friend of many years. The Skull is a Rose Quartz which has faded and has never offered me a name but when received it reminded me of my mother whose face was disfigured by cancer resulting in the removal of one side of her jaw.
Today as I chose it, the Skull looked very much like an Ancient Indigenous Person and so I placed it in the water jar with the Pounamu.

The path leading through the little park was quiet except for crows who were I’m sure announcing my arrival and so I replied in kind.

On arriving at the water and asking permission of the land to perform a blessing of cleaning and clearing I was immediately drawn to the Birch trees (The Birch tree is my Tree Totem) on the other side. There was a nylon fiber clothesline type rope that was frayed and tied to several trees so I crossed the river and saw that they were cutting into the trees and one was too deep to remove.


I was not prepared for this yet I understood that it was all a part of my commitment and service to the Spirit World, so I dowsed to find a sharp edged rock to cut these and found one right away. Once the rope was cut and removed even the tree which had the rope embedded in it assured me that it was grateful and would take care of the rest. So I gathered it all up and removed it from the land.

Back on the other side of the river I asked if I may begin the Blessing and return the water which I had removed and blessed at home.


Using my dowsing rods for questioning as to how I was to proceed I determined that the Four Powers Protocol was to be used in each of the four directions. I then dowsed for the direction in which to begin which felt like North East. So with that I stated my intention of purpose… to clean and clear all the painful and destructive memory which the river contained and had experienced since its beginning… for its entire length from Ocean to the source.


Then I spoke the Protocol in each direction while standing barefoot in the water. Upon completion there was a bumble bee collecting pollen on a small, flowering orchid like plant, in the middle of the river. Interestingly the glass jar I used to collect the water is a Swan’s Maine Beekeeper Raw and Unfiltered Honey, so I feel the gratitude and bow as the bee moves on without enough time to get a photograph.


When it was completed I asked where to place the Rose Quartz Skull that had been chosen earlier. I was standing by a large Oak tree which was certainly the oldest of trees within my site and which was clearly a River Guardian. As I was placing the Skull into the hollow of its roots I was again reminded of my mother whose long blonde hair I carefully took back to Ireland and placed in the roots of a tree in Kylemore Abbey.
So I placed the Skull within the roots with a little digging and did a tobacco blessing with tobacco from a cigarette which I found in a pack behind the tree on the ground.

How amazing to be provided at each step with exactly what was needed by the Elementals and Devas of the Land. Truly guided through My Highest Self in communication with so many Beautiful Beings.
Thank You All for your Love and Support!

Finally, picking up a few more bits of glass and trash in the immediate area as I prepare to leave…

I then announced that I was Complete…


and it was 12:55 pm.


Josias River Blessing


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Josias River Water Blessing

The name Riverman that I was given over 20 years ago had to do with the energy that flowed through my hands as I was introduced to a woman named Crowfeather.

However my whole life has been connected to water, even as a small child in Boston
One might not think of a middle sized metropolis as somewhere one could bond on a spiritual level with water…
I can remember moments which have been some of my fondest of early childhood.

Today my answer to Bless Rivers and Water as part of my service to Mother Earth is a Joy!
I will be traveling along the coast of Maine doing this to the rivers for years to come.
My way of living in Gratitude for Water… without which we have no life on planet Earth.

Perhaps this was one of my first Blessings…
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