Morning 1st Glance 8.22.16


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Raw Power and Energy
in its most available forms
is available for all
in the most beautiful expressions

We have closed our eyes and our hearts to it

The sleep from which
our dreams have become nightmares
is now being disturbed
as our awareness returns to focus

Our voice now forms in harmony

Lost in a world of abstraction
WE again return with a roar
to firmly embrace each other
in a cohesive and unified whole

Like Water splashing on the rocks

Our form continually changes
Our essence eternally remains
Our unified purpose to create abundantly
and without separation returns.



11:11 Alignment Card – Creation


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2016_08_17_1439_ (2)

First I would like to wish each of you a very Blessed Day of Full Moon.

At 1:11 pm today here in York, Maine I pulled this card and it fit so nicely with a message I had saved to read tonight at the Reiki Meditation Group I co-facilitate.



I AM Master Of My World

Excerpt from The “I AM” Discourses, Saint Germain

When the individual says “I AM”, he is using the Creative Attribute of the Godhead and announcing Creation at his particular point in the Universe.

The vibratory action of the Word “I AM”, either in thought or spoken word, is the Release of the Power of Creation; and whatever quality follows that Decree is instantly imposed upon the electronic substance in the ethers. This being the only substance and energy in existence whose nature is to be qualified in some manner, it must outpicture the pattern within the Decree.

If the Decree be always for Perfection, then the experiences in the individual’s world express the Fullness of the Plan of Life; but if the individual does not send forth that Decree, it is impossible for that Perfection to outpicture in his experiences until the Decree is released into the ethers in which he lives.

Every individual can think Perfection at every instant, if he only will, and it takes no more substance and energy to build Beautiful, Perfect Forms and Experiences than it does the imperfect; but if the individual wants this Perfection expressed in his own world, he must use his own energy to utter the Decree which will release that Perfection unto him. Such is the Law of his Being.

I AM master of my world. I AM the victorious intelligence governing it. I send forth into my world this mighty radiant, intelligent energy of God. I command it to create all perfection—to draw to me the opulence of God made visible in my hands and use. I Am no longer the babe of Christ but the master presence grown to full stature and I speak and command with authority.

FEEL that you are the only authority in this world or any other so far as your world is concerned. You are the supreme authority in your world.

I AM the mighty magic circle of protection about me that is invincible and repels from me every discordant thought and element that seeks to find entrance or intrude itself. I AM the perfection of my world, and it is self-sustained.

I AM the visible presence of those beloved ascended masters whom I wish to have appear here to me and whose assistance I desire.

I AM the supremacy of man everywhere I go! I AM God in action.

May Many Blessings Unfold as you Create from the Center of Your Heart



Grandmother Moon


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Grandmother Moon - Grey Medicinw Wolf

Last night as the Clouds and Moon were dancing in the sky at twilight
I was inspired to take my camera…
Tonight as I place these words of Grey Medicine Wolf upon it
I am inspired to share my own words…

Thank You Grandmother Moon

Now as we enter into Her Heart
many memories arise for us all

Entering also into Sacred Newness
we ask for Her loving guidance

Let us Dance in Circle once again
connecting with Her  Wisdom

Which only Her Light can manifest

Many Blessings to all


Morning 1st Glance 8.15.16


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2016_02_17_Orchids Open

How beautiful it is to awaken and greet the day.
I love this picture of my orchid catching the 1st glimpses of sunlight and beckoning us all to join in with Her in celebration.

Yet it doesn’t take too long before that awesome feeling begins to slip away and the daily routine of our lives closes in around our gratefulness.

So where am I going with this, you might ask?

In these days of great personal and collective change, each of us are bouncing though our inner and outer worlds with greater awareness. The transitions are presenting us with new ways to look at old patterns of behavior that just will not work anymore. WE are being guided constantly, to release what does not serve our concept of who we are, in our Most High Presence.

The issue for me this morning was racism!
Where and why did this appear and more disturbing why did I feel that I needed to apologize on some level of my beingness.

Last night in an internet meeting I was feeling silly and playful like the child I was once. Many times over I Am sure. I was unconsciously choosing who was going to speak next but with Zoom you get to see each other and I must have been pointing back and forth when someone asked what I was doing. I innocently said playing Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe.
Funny how I never think or say the verses after that when I do it… just that part and whomever or what ever is Moe becomes what I choose.

However that little riddle has a had verse in its history that was racist. This morning it dawned on me that it could trigger perhaps, some painful experiences for someone in the greater field who experienced that remark and I felt uncomfortable that it came from my unconsciousness.

Now most people would laugh it off and say no big deal it was just a child’s rhyme. Yet this is where we are programmed to see the world in a racist manner. My “friends” as a child and today are of many nationalities and classifications of race and color and I hold no prejudice towards anyone. Yet, here was this tiny fragment of what is wrong with this world today, coming from my childhood programming.

So I thanked this little childhood memory, for allowing me to see the beauty of my innocence as a child and realize that I can forgive that child for being unaware.
Unaware of the “thankfully minor” damage to my abilities to celebrate life fully in the beauty of each of other.

So let us remember to be the kindness we wish to be…
not only to others but to ourselves
as we awaken each day
in deeper resonance
with All of Life

We are integrating ourselves on many levels

Peace, Light and Love


Moving Into Self


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Morning Peace

It is a powerful and poignant
sense of ourselves
that we each feel
as we leave what has been
our castle for so long

The walls we have built
stone upon stone,
complete with moat
to surrounded our hearts

Yet we have been waiting
so very long
for this moment
to arrive at last.

We have filled the moat
with our tears
as we became enamored
of our stone craft

Living in a separation
of our own desire

It is being all set free now
as we recognize our captive Self

let us mourn the loss of illusion
let us refill our hearts with truth
let us clearly see the difference

Let us be Thankful in the End
and reach out to all who struggle

Shining Our Light
through the dust and rubble
in kindness and compassion

cRb 8.14.16



Quiet is not Silent


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More than we can imagine
the shifting begins
let us stand in Unity

Many times we are called to sit quietly and see where we are attached to life.

It is in this spacious field of awareness, that we are called to answer the most amazing questions, that our minds can create for us to focus on.

There is not much silence in this practice. In fact we actually are responding to so much noise that it can be not only distracting but down right disturbing.

This is where I have been since my last blog post.

Constantly reviewing all of my patterns of behavior, as well as responses to stimuli, that are thrown at me without warning. It is quite a daunting task. I do not recommend it for those whose schedule is the most important facet of their engagement with life.

Only 10 days, yet it seems like forever!
Yet in that quiet or shall I say stillness, we are faced with all the causes of our discomfort and separation, both within and without.

Cleaning and clearing thoughts and organizing the self into new patterns, in a non-attached manner, reveals hidden treasures.

Hence my first words written as I feel the urge to return are an encouragement to us all, to embrace our ability to change, or shift as I prefer to address it.

To look forward from that space within ourselves
which sees only possibilities and co-creative energy
being utilized for the benefit of All…

More than we can imagine
the shifting begins
let us stand in Unity


… for Mia …The Dance


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Mia Dancing 2

This morning I arrived on facebook and this photograph was a memory of a friend I only know through social media. A picture of her dancing in a public event and captivating some, while others look perhaps at another dancer.

She is also a poetess and  over the years we have inspired each other and co-created on many occasions in a resonance that is truly a part of our deeper Souls connection.

Many times those of us who are highly empathic and creative find ourselves looking back at what we have done. We wonder where parts of ourselves have either disappeared or how some things so meaningful and full of life, have faded away like a photograph over time.

She reminded me of my own journey and sense of self, which at times looks much like my bluejeans. Yes, well worn and ready for recycling.

Although I do not express myself as a dancer, what I did recognize was the passion that was calling to others to reflect and ask themselves… Who am I?

And so the words above on the picture was what came through as a message for Mia,
but more so a message to me, from that same source within us all…

The True Divine Self, who may be hidden from view and among the crowd watching and inspiring these words…

Who is missing
that is not lost

What can return
which has not left

Where can it hide
which is still seen

Let us take off
our masks

Let us celebrate
the unknown

Let us free ourselves
from our thinking

The illusions serve
only to be overcome

The Dance of Life
is never ending

cRb 8.2.16

May we each dance again in Joy and Celebration,
knowing that all of our journeys
are but one dance step away from each other.

That both the audience and the dancers
are not separated but are called to participate
in The Dance

My Peace to you All… Riverman



Elders Speak: Heart To Soul Talks


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Welcome to August and Many Blessings to each of you…


Yesterday, Allayah and I once again joined hearts and minds to co-create on her Circle of Hearts Radio program on OMTimes Radio.

Elders Speak on the word Violence 7.31.16

WE always pick a topic or word which aligns with what the world is experiencing.
This month it was Violence.

In our usual fashion we just allow the word to present itself in ways that allow us to see it in a different Light.

Lately, I have been allowing Meditations to flow through me and many times they come in a rough vision a few minutes before we go on the air.
This comes as a surprise to both of us as we do not talk about the show or plan it out as we like our spontaneity to remain intact.

This makes it all the more an authentic expression of our True Self and adds a bit of fun.

The meditation in this show is in the 3rd segment and I will guide you to your infant self.
It is a cleaning meditation and powerful.

When I listened to it myself the following morning I was brought to tears and gratitude as the messenger needs to hear the message as well for we are all connected.

Enjoy and know how special you are to be here now.




A Saturday Storm




A Quick Bee Blessing


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Bee Blessing

Let us all feel Blessed Today and dedicate ourselves once again to our Purpose… both individual and collective.


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