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Quiet Waters resonate
internal stillness
all perception fades away

Let us take a moment whenever possible

to make available
to acknowledge

…internal stillness…

to permit
to yield

…all perception…

to create space
to Allow

cRb 10.24.16


Completing Cycles


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Such is the nature of Maple
whose green shade in Summer
allows for gentle breezes to flow
creating lazy afternoons in lawn chairs

First came the changing colors
the inner knowing of a cycle
calling itself back to center
releasing the extension of itself

From Red to Orange and Yellow
softly falling to blanket the lawn
increasing volume with the weather
so suitable for inner water to move

The long drought of the season
perhaps was uncomfortable
yet her fireworks display
is a spectacular testimony to us all

As we also move through the seasons
our water flows to uplift us
and in return retracts on silent cue
to timelines we each create within us

Perhaps we too are thirsty
and calling ourselves back
into the roots of ourselves
to rest and unite within our hearts

One cycle completes as another begins
and so the rings of our inner planes
expand and regenerate in worldly rhythm
in accordance with ancient protocols

cRb 10.23.16




25 Years Old and Remembering


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Yes you may all have heard of what is commonly called Near Death Experiences.
Well I Am one of those who have died and returned
and today is my 25th anniversary of that
amazing and blessed event.

There are many books now of those who share their stories and great studies of so many who volunteered to be part of several studies by researchers. I however chose not to.
No, I chose to experience it and not allow others to interpret or program my thinking to what it is according to someone else.

I Am still experiencing it and can share with all honesty that each of you are eternal beings.
Whether you want to believe it or not.

A little background info…
I was an alcoholic and had just been homeless by choice and actually on a suicide mission although I wasn’t consciously aware of it at the time.. I had gotten divorced, had to file bankruptcy due to the divorce and lost relationship with my only my daughter with whom there has never been reconciliation.

So back to the story of my death…
It began on a Saturday, on an exceptionally warm day when I pulled my bike out of storage and went for a ride. It was a 67 Triumph custom chopper which was my escape from reality.

I had a habit of bar-hopping on my bike; cruising to several Biker Bars for a beer and chatting up with whoever you might run into.
That would have been fine but at the last bar there was word of a bar in my town closing that night and it would be a big party … all you could eat and drink for short money.
Well I’m all in for that since there was very little of those opportunities in my life at this point.
I’ll save the details for another story someday as this is a day of remembering and gratitude.

This was what I looked like the day after my motorcycle accident on 10.20.1991.

It was Sunday when I returned to my body and the Doctor in the hospital welcomed me back
with a sarcastic remark, although quite apropos at the time. “Welcome back Mr. Bergeron  we see you have decided to return! I guess we will finish picking the gravel out of your skull and sew your ear back on.”
I however was not so accepting of his wit, replying, “Knock your socks off Doc!”

Needless to say the next remembrance was a nurse arriving and asking if I thought I could get myself dressed. Being the stubborn macho male I was I said yes and did it. However to this day I cannot remember how I could have done that with all the pain I was in.

When she returned she asked if I had anyone I could call for a ride home and I thought of the only friend I had at the time, my neighbor Jack who had been trying to help me get my act together and turn my life around.
When he arrived he looked at me and said, “They can’t release you!” and went over to the desk to see if I was trying to pull a con. You see, Jack had been and was now a recovering alcoholic as well and was trying to get me to into AA and he knew all the cons that people could and had played.

Nope, they were releasing me… of course they were… I had no insurance!

This picture on my wall is not Jack but it so resembles him that when I saw it I had to buy it.
He was with me and said what do want that picture for and I laughed and never told him. I knew that one day he would not be in my life and I wanted to always remember how much he had done for me.
I’m crying right now as I type this. Bless you Jack Man wherever you are!
Wow I didn’t expect that.

Jack was a Gunny Sgt in the Marines with a tour of Korea and 2 tours of Vietnam and told me he couldn’t take care of me that I needed 24 hr care. He was right I was a big mess … no broken bones but one painful body that could barely move.

Needless to say I’m still here and writing this and as I healed the physical wounds I had to deal with the issues of a completely new way of seeing the world I was in.

You see when I died and left my body… I remember looking down at myself on the ground all banged up and a cop was asking me for my license and information and I was responding to him as best I could. However the real I, was viewing it like a movie , no pain, no feelings of emotion and moving further away until the vision disappeared.

My next remembrance was that I became Pure Peace, Pure Light and Pure Love.
There is nothing in this human life existence that can truly describe it. It was perfection on all levels.
However I did not stay there, although I could have very easily.

I was called out of that wholeness where I met with etheric beings which I don’t try to describe but allow people to imagine for themselves as they can appear as anything that you will feel comfortable to speak with and we discussed my life as in a review and the why and wherefores of that lifetime. Yet I was given a choice to return or not.

I chose to come back but with some conditions which we discussed at length.
My brain and memory was to be altered so that I could not use it in the same way as before. That I would know whatever I needed when it was appropriate to my purpose and if not, to accept it was not necessary at that moment.
That I would never forget my purpose this time.

My purpose is to be of service in anchoring the Peace, Light and Love that I was, and which had now been imprinted in my physical mind and body, into the Earth and All Life Forms  that I encountered.

And so with that thought I Am Complete…img_01961
I Bless each of you on this day
with that
Divine Peace, Light and Love
of my Experience
May you know in your Hearts
How much you are Loved
and that
You Are Eternal
not as humans
but as Souls

S ource
O f
U nconditional
L ove

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Not Trusting Yourself Lately???


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Riverman Blessing the York River for the Full Moon on 10.16.16

Trusting Yourself has been a theme this week for many people I talk to and this morning a blog article I posted on facebook was addressing this issue as well.

My own interpretation is that the energies of the Earth are shifting at such great rates that we are sometimes feeling overwhelmed by things we thought we had already moved beyond. Some days we are finding ourselves somewhat lost in our own shirt and shoes.

The article triggered a response from a friend who synchronistically awakened with same theme that I also have been pondering for over a week now.

With her permission I share each of our perspectives as we spontaneously move into resonance with each other.

KN : )… I woke up today with the theme of trust on my mind. Always love the synchronicity of subjects by which we are moved to inspire ourselves each day.

RIVERMAN… Trusting ourselves has come up more than I like to admit and nice to know it is not just me 
KN : )… It’s a work in progress, certainly so, new levels of doubt triggered by the observation of a world still reflecting increasingly painful circumstances of both current and past fears, allowing opportunities to heal those deeper levels of our beliefs in powerlessness or illusions so to restore deeper levels of our power through the release of control in exchange for trust. Always easier said than done at times at this point, of course.

So, no, my friend, you are not alone in that way or in anyway for that matter, in this journey of transformation we have embraced. : ) We are connected to inspire one another through it by sharing our personal challenges and the inspirational pathways we blaze through them, not to pretend we don’t have these challenges of further strengthening ourselves through the chaos of shifts and change, and so we WILL find our way through it.

No question about that, though it does feel and look questionable at times, especially as we observe this pipeline situation and all the reflections of powerlessness it embodies screaming for the release of both personal and collective fear on every level in every way.

 RIVERMAN… So well said and finding our way indeed…
I’m reminded of many walks in the woods where we lose sight of the familiar trail.
Our confidence is strong at first and as we wander, the external light becomes less radiant and the shadows grow much longer.
Here we are called upon to reach within and embrace our own Light.
Our eyes see many negative energies lurking and we lose our sense of purpose and orientation.
Sending this message to the mind that we are on the edge of becoming lost, our trust begins to wane.
We know we are being called to rest and listen, but can we dare to listen to that still quiet voice amongst all the furor.
Yes we must!
For only then will the true path and location, of our exit from the rising and controlling fear be seen clearly.
Trusting ourselves once more and grounding that into the Earth beneath our feet, we regain our strength and move forward.
Knowing we were never really in danger, except to fluctuating circumstances which change directions like the wind.
Perhaps they are all a part of a Grand Design, not perceivable yet, to our ever evolving self.
Perhaps as well, intentioned by ourselves, to promote and remind us of the Powerful Beings WE Truly Are

Original Article which inspired this conversation…
Shanta Gabriel…  Trust in Yourself and Trust in the Angelic energy working through you. Inspiration for the Week – October 16, 2016


In Peace We Remember


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2016_09_13_1512_We are filled
with fading memories
of beautiful moments
enriched by love

All worries and fears
are left behind
in the body
where they once dwelled

We rise
in a glorious vibration
of our deepest
heart resonance

A sea of joy
on which we float
carefree once again
enriched by love

cRb 10.12.16


A Maple, Some Marigolds and a Bee


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Beloved maple in my yard
today you do not embrace the sun…
your green is almost gone
your orange turns to red
and deepens
much like our love
for each other


Beloved marigolds
planted each year
around this tree held together
so that birds have a place to perch
how brilliant you are
in the midst
of changing seasons


Beloved brother Bee
thank you for your amazing work


too busy to notice me
while you swiftly visit


four different flowers
to gather your precious bounty


I will savor these moments
during the long cold Winter
knowing full well
the beauty
each of you have
left in my memory

cRb 10.8.16


Morning 1st Glance – 10.6.16


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Some mornings we awaken
in a somewhat tranquil state
not seeing the Sun yet
and question arising

The cool temperature of Autumn
settling in all around us
with heavy dew on the grass
and branches becoming barren

Beaches remaining untouched
except for the lack of tourists
who now are left with memories
of their escapades in the sand

Yet new sensations of color
begin to lift our hearts
as we move into patterns
that are more reflective

As we begin to settle ourselves
gathering many resources
for the journey through Winter
which grounds us all once again



From a Field of the Past


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Traveling into the distant past
we sometimes find
our self

Scattered along the path
or in the shadows
moving quietly

we are there remembering

Each step triggers another
and we find this walk
so challenging

Every energy center on high alert
receiving information
and fully alive

How amazing to be so aware
of the diversity of all the forms


We have ever been in our many lifetimes
…Thank You…

cRb 9.28.16




Authentic Self Arise


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In preparing for a show in which we will talk about Authenticity this message was recorded as I drove to Tai Chi class on the previous morning…

Elders Speak – Allayah and Charlie – Heart to Soul Talks
Airing Sunday, 25 September 2016, 2:00 PM ET
Elders Speak Show

How do we describe authenticity?

For me it is my true self, the self when I’m alone self, when there’s nobody else around self, that comes out in the shower, the self that wakes up in the morning, the self that doesn’t always openly express all that it feels, sees or hears, yet knows beyond a doubt what it was never really taught self.
Authenticity is a place, of knowing yourself on a level that is not human.

So that is what authenticity means for me.

We have been taught since our birth to temper, alter, or not say exactly what we feel, because we might offend somebody, or somebody won’t like us or we will cause trouble for ourselves.

A thousand reasons most of which are in violation of our authenticity. Who we are or rather who we were as children is closer to the truth of who we are in authenticity than we have ever been again in our lives.

So as I think about the word authenticity it is about becoming more childlike in many ways but not in the sense of innocence or joyfulness. It is the freedom to think or feel anything we wanted as an individual human, in the sense of we didn’t have any fear of our thoughts.

Fear of our thoughts is perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks of our existence and our authenticity.

To be authentic we have to learn to discern our thoughts, to listen to our thoughts, to ascertain which ones come from an external source and those arising from an internal or other dimensional part of ourselves.

So to be authentic we need to listen… Listening and Authenticity go hand in hand!

Never before have we needed to listen more closely, not to the mind chatter, not to the world outside of us, but to the voice within our heart not our head.

People say, “Well you don’t have a voice in your heart!”, and I tell you that you do. It comes from your heart when you stay out of the head that is floating around with all that information.

It’s like wandering around a library with millions and millions of books, billions and trillions of bits of information, all valid and cohesive to some extent, all related to something but very overwhelming and very impersonal. They are very distant and they are not part of us on some level, there but not here.

So who are we that are in this library of information and is it correct or has it been designed, stored and filtered to represent something which may not be true in some way, shape or manner and how do we discern that.

In order to discern fact or truth the human mind needs something to compare things to.  When we compare truths of different human cultures there are many discrepancies. Each one claiming authenticity and willing to defend it as being reality.

This is what authenticity brings up for me!

Somewhere beyond words and storytelling the truth of us remains unchanged and only through the heart can we access that.

I’m going to share a bit of my near-death experience here.

I had returned with my memory human memory altered and I can say today that I know at the moment I chose to return here I made an agreement to have that done.

Now that sounds totally crazy to people when I say that, yet I know in my heart that is the truth.  In my head it makes no sense nor can I fully explain, but in my heart it is a reality.

When I say things like that to people they want me to defend or explain, some with serious intent others not so kindly. So automatically in years past, I would go into this sort of defensive mode because I would become a little child again who saw a little being in the bushes and somebody would say oh no that’s just your imagination. Perhaps it was in my child’s mind and it was my imagination, but then I didn’t have any concept of either choice.

What I saw and what I felt, was what I saw and what I felt.

It didn’t matter whether it came from my imagination or from a place of reality because the line between the two wasn’t in existence for me.

Eventually a wall had been built through shaming and programming.  The wall being built between what is real and what is not real and based on someone wanting us to do something for them and to comply or be ridiculed or punished.

We train Children to do things perhaps innocently and then perhaps in our own lack of authenticity. They, want to respond like a dog when you train them to do things.

What if we no longer found it acceptable for the dog to give you his paw. What was that all about? No there is no reason why a dog needs to give you its paw other than to exercise the fact that you, on some level in your ego mind can pat yourself on the back and say look what I’ve done. I trained the dog! How good am I?
Many of us as children were also trained in this manner.

Well, let us take a look around the world today. How good are we?
Take a look at how our ego is feeling today. I would guess we’re a little bit upset, I’ll bet feeling a little bit angry. When we’re upset or angry, the first thing we do is we look outside of ourselves and say to someone else it’s your fault , always pointing to something other than ourselves.

So as a direct result of not being authentic we then give our power away through anger and resentment and we also give our sense of responsibility away. When we lose our sense of sovereignty we have given everything away.

When we look out at the world, it is what we were taught, giving it away to the point where our authenticity is no longer validated.

This doesn’t mean we stop giving but we don’t give away until the point of being completely depleted. With the all that is happening in the world right now it can be gone tomorrow and this is a reality.

What else is real is the energy you are.

That spirit energy, that knowingness beyond the teaching, beyond the program, that Authentic Self that challenges everything and can look at all of life from a completely different aspect.

In which case you start to discern who you are authentically, from who you have been told you need to be.

I can promise you, that when you start to become authentic your whole world view will change, your whole personal view on relationships will change, everything you think about, and act upon will change.

I’m going to tell you that it’s not always pleasant, but I will be the highest and most rewarding experience of your present life, getting to know who you are authentically.

I’m going to tell you many times that it’s not going to be what you thought in the beginning.

I had written down some of my thoughts from when I first came back from my death experience and in looking back now many are still the same. They are much less confusing yet still quite fragmented.

Where were those words coming from, who was speaking, is it Angels, Guardians, God?

Who keeps bringing me these messages?

The ultimate truth of that is that it was me all the time.
My Authentic Self which can never be separated again


Tonight I Pray – 9.23.16


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Tonight I pray…

May we all accept our responsibility to protect and preserve our most precious Home – Earth – from destruction

May our grandchildren and future generations forgive us
when they can no longer live here on Earth

May they have memories of how beautiful our Home was
when the rivers flowed and the land was fertile

cRb 9.23.16